August 2020 plan with me

August 2020 Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Welcome yet to another bujo plan with me – this time about AUGUST 2020. It’s time to go through every page of my bullet journal and get ready for this month with me.

Without any other further ado, I present you the plan with me for this month. I hope you’ll enjoy it, like it, share it and subscribe to my channel. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of juice, lay on your back, relax and let’s hang out together.

Enjoy the video and find down below some of my favorite pages this month.

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This month I tried to keep things as simple as I could so I decided to go for a minimalist cover page with a nice font for this month’s section. In my opinion, simplicity is the key to balance and I wanted to dedicate more of my time for other sections of this month’s planner

On the second page, I tried a new layout for the month overview and I decided to have a blank space for each week of August to write the most important things that I don’t want to forget. This way everything could be at a glance and there would be fewer chances to mess it up. Even if during summertime there are fewer things to stress about, I still find it very helpful to keep track of my duties.

I dedicated this page to my social media persona, to keep track of my projects, events, and other to-dos that I can’t neglect. On the lower part of this page is a big space for creative brainstorming, to look for new ideas for youtube, blog or photo shootings. Of course, even if I didn’t post it here, on the next page is the gratefulness tracker and some more space to list out my projects so I could keep track on one hand of my happiness, and on the other hand of my productivity.

One of my favourite pages this month is the reinvented sleep log that I can’t wait to test and show you guys how it looks in the end. This tracker helps me note the time I go to bed, the time I wake up and also the amount of sleep I get every night, so at the end of the month I could have a general overview of my energy levels.

Finally, the last but not least – the weekly spread. This time I decided to keep things as clean as I usually do and separate each day of the week with its own space.


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See you next month with another plan with me! Until then, check my previous Bullet Journal layout here.