July 2020 plan with me

July 2020 Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Welcome yet to another bujo plan with me – this time about JULY 2020. It’s time to go through every page of my bullet journal and get ready for this month with me.

Without any other further ado, I present you the plan with me for this month. I hope you’ll enjoy it, like it, share it and subscribe to my channel. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of juice, lay on your back, relax and let’s hang out together.

Enjoy the video and find down below some of my favorite pages this month.

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Starting from the very beginning with a minimalist cover page – just the title of this month and a little calendar to keep everything in sight made as a sticky note with raw edges.

On the second page you’ll find the extended version of a calendar, with the days listed horizontally and the weeks listed vertically. This simple design brings the best of the small space of a single page so that you could fit at a glance as many reminders for each day. On this page, I would usually write my to-dos, birthdays and important events that I need to attend. Another layout for this page would be a simple to-do list for every single task you need to remember. You can also check older layouts as this one from June for more inspiration.

This is my example of a dutch door to separate better the sections in my journal. I cut the page in half around my illustration so that you could see the accent page behind and create a great contrast. I came up with this drawing with the help of one of my friends, reimagining what summer could look like in a single drawing and thought about the colorful cocktails on a floral background.

This time I kept only one page for my exams, as I will be finished with them by mid-July. As I have only 3 exams left until I can truly enjoy the summer( (or whatever is left of it because of the pandemic), I divided the space so that I could fit everything that I needed on a single page – to track the courses that I have to study and to count the days left.

The last but not the least, my first weekly schedule. This time I chose a minimalist drawing with some high contrast mountains and a quote to help me get through these difficult times when I want to be alone and meditate about everything. Enjoy the silence and everything around you.

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See you next month with another plan with me! Until then, check my previous Bullet Journal layout here.