heatwave – august 2020 Bucharest, Romania

Summer never felt so hot before. So instead of staying in bed all day, under the AC, I would rather take my penny board for a ride around the city while sipping from a cold soda or a refreshing brew tonic.

This summer was finally time to discover every other alternative for a car or a taxi ride, to get where I need to go, as I wanted to practice social distancing to perfection. Thus, one of my favorite discoveries is the penny board. Even if I already owned a penny board for some years, it wasn’t always my first choice until now. But I quickly found out that it is the perfect combination between the bike workout, that sometimes gets too exhausting, and the comfort of a ride on the electric scooter. Besides that, it’s the tiniest and lightest board of them all and obviously, it’s easier to keep it close, compared to others. I also found out that I enjoy to ride the penny board through the busy streets of Bucharest, especially on the weekends, as it’s much easier to avoid the hectic people jumping and crossing ways with me carelessly.

For this outfit, I choose a black oversized linen shirt from COS STORES that I simply adore. I chose a white tank top as an undershirt to complete the top and to give the look a more vintage vibe. I put on my favorite light blue jeans from TOPMAN that I got last year to balance the dark with light colors. To finish the outfit, I picked my favorite Adidas Originals Supercourt sneakers. Other accessories, such as my watch and rings, are always part of my looks and I never go out the door without something on my hands or my wrists.

photos by talented Antonio Pavăl