Who wears the flat cap?

Without question, flat caps have had a revival in recent years. Detached from any historical value gained over the years, nowadays the flat cap is perceived as a subtle and easy statement that can be paired with a fall, winter or spring outfit.

Part of the British man’s working uniform in the 16th century, the wool hat was mandatory by law on Sundays and holidays, otherwise, all non-noble men would have to pay a fine. Even if this law, created to increase wool consumption, did not stand for very long, the hats survived and became a popular choice for men through the 19th and 20th centuries. The most representative example for the 20th century are the newspaper boys. Even if the flat cap was mostly known as a symbol for the working class, later it was also adopted by wealthy individuals and worn with tweed suits for hunting, shooting or other activities of the higher class.

Even if it might seem rather as a vieux jeu choice, as long as it’s not paired with another old fashioned accessory this piece could still look modern and cool, if you pick up the right colour. You can show up looking like a trendy gentleman if you pair your flat cap with your suit, or, for a more casual fit, you can pick a shirt or a t-shirt. The most important thing you have to consider is that this type of hat was not made for the summery hot months of the year and you might want to wear it with your snuggly jackets and coats.

Photos by Cristiana Nuță

ZARA flat hat, TOPMAN jacket, H&M turtleneck COS pants, REEBOOK/CCC sneakers