Vintage love

There are three main reasons why I love to shop in vintage or second hand stores that you could take into consideration. Vintage shops are a great place to find attractive pieces that could surprise you in the most unexpected ways, from haute couture to brands that you have never heard about before.


1. Longevity

I hope we all agree that trends do come back in fashion from time to time, and it’s unsurprising that this is the way of things. A lot of creative minds get their inspiration from the past and that is not something to blame. It’s getting harder and harder to be original, to create something never seen before, but we are all looking to be authentic instead, to give it a new perspective or to style it our own way. Patterns, colours and shapes might be repetitive, but the styling, the accessories and the final touch have a huge impact on the overall image.
How to wear it?

 2. Prices

If you are still not sure whether to enter in that vintage shop or not, the prices might convince you. In most of the vintage or second hand stores you can buy clothes for almost nothing. The items in my outfits were the faux suede jacket that was around 11€/50lei and the shirt that was around 9€/40lei.

The suede jacket was from @beevintagero and the shirt was from @consignatia7, and you can check out their links from the bottom of the article. Most of these shops I found either by mistake, walking around the city, either they were suggested by friends.

3. Quality

The fast fashion industry is growing bigger and stronger while we tend to choose quantity over quality. I am personally guilty for sustaining this industry and I have to admit that I can’t help but shop from multinational clothing companies even if I know too well that my actions, even if they seem insignificant on the bigger scale, do have an impact on the environment. Whenever I buy something I always try to find the best garments and materials that could last the longest, but another way to raise awareness about the damage done to our planet is to recycle, to shop second hand or vintage. The most known and the most referred practice of ecology, recycling, it’s the most accessible thing you can start doing to improve the quality of your planet and thus, of your life.
The quality of clothing has declined over time and there is no more substantial proof than the apparel that actually survived over the years compared to fast fashion clothing that can barely last a season. I am not saying that there isn’t any quality nowadays, but certainly it’s hard to find and isn’t always accessible.

Here are my shop suggestions that you can find on instagram, just click on their name to see their page:


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