unisex layering with style

Fashion should be unisex. Throughout time, society dictated that men should dress in a certain way and women in another – but unisex fashion is starting to set a new standard for the industry and for every one of us.

Thus, I want to show you how easy it is to mix the clothes you love, whether or not they are from your gender specific department. I would find it impossible if you would tell me that you never ever thought about buying a piece of clothing that was not from your designated department! Having this in mind, I will start bringing you the latest unisex inspiration I could think of so that you could try for yourself and decide if fashion is truly unisex or not. From boys to girls and from girls to boys – we’ll have a look into everything, step by step.

This time, I challenged my friend Ana to try and rock this shirt-over-shirt layering that I have been loving lately. If you hadn’t had the chance to try your autumn jackets because the weather wasn’t on your side – you can still wear 2 of your favourite shirts or jackets layered one on top of the other. There are no rules on how many jackets you can stock on top of each other – but don’t go Joey Tribbiani about that. Personally, I would go for a bright coloured jacket underneath a darker coloured one – just because I try to avoid light shaded outfits during autumn-winter and I always prefer an unitary look, from top to bottom. Otherwise, you can have as much fun as you wish – mixing different patterns with plain colours, lightweight over the heavyweight or different materials and textures.

Photos by talented Antonio Pavăl. You can check him out here.

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Please check the item’s info and materials before you order anything, so that you get what you’re paing for. These are only some recommendations that you could use to recreate the look but are not the exact same pieces.


Outfits details – black jeans & trousers ZARA, adidas & puma sneakers, both shirts from TOPMAN




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