Summer thrills 21

POV: It’s July. There are 35 degrees Celsius outside. It’s so hot that if you spend too much time in the sun everything becomes so blurred and your head starts to hurt. The sun is burning your skin, but you don’t really mind it. After all, you have waited so much for this summer. You’ve got your long sleeve shirt over your favourite pastel pink tee not to get burned, even if you have already put on the sunscreen cream with the biggest SPF rating you could find. You should never go out without it, especially now that is summer. You’re running through the city looking for the perfect spot to spend your summer afternoon – maybe at a terrace with a cold iced latte or a cold craft beer waiting for the sunset so that the temperatures would drop a few degrees.

Photos by talented Antonio Pavăl, check him out here.

Wearing – overshirt from H&M 0948873002, pink oversized t-shirt from ASOS, shorts from TOPMAN, baseball cap from Drole de Monsieur, white Converse sneakers Comme des Garçons from Entrance Store, custom made pearls.