Style Swap Series with @bastioji (2)

Style Swap Series is a new cocept that I will start posting here on my blog. As these are the first pilot posts, I would really like to hear your feedback and, most importantly, I would love to hear who you would wanna see me swapping styles with. Explore this post and start the challange. Who should be the next style challanger?

Style Swap Series with @bastioji

Bastioji, or by his real name Sebastian Felix Țopescu, is a styling student at Istituto Europeo di Design Milano, fashion editor at Modic Magazine and also one of that friends that inspires me a lot, simply with his everyday being. As we have known each other for a really long time, about 5-6 years, I have seen him trying different approaches, endeavouring into different looks and always beeing eclectic in his nature. After lots of thinking about how I could dare him into a challange that would be intriguing for both of us, a came up with this swap – wear my outfit better than I did!

This is the second part showing my styling on Basti. Check the first part here. Down below you can find a short interview with Basti, his approach on my styling and the original outfit post on my instagram.

Check the first part where I was styled by Basti here.

How would you describe your style?

“Hmmm… how would I describe my style? I think everchanging. At the moment, my style is asexual – I don’t like the idea of “masculine” and “feminine”. If I consider it something “beautiful”, you will probably see me wearing it. My style is directly connected to my mood that day. It can go from what people would consider “extra” to something very casual. It may sound overused but I dress for myself. The looks I get from people on the street is just a reaction to truly showing yourself through your outfits.”

Whose style inspires you the most?

“Does Louis XIV count? If yes, he would be my main inspiration, mainly because of his attitude (of course, it couldn’t have been possible to have met him, but based on what I can assume from the history book). Clothes have no meaning if you don’t wear them with the right attitude, that’s why I always say that there are no styling mistakes. The only one slip in fashion is to wear clothes without the right attitude, that would only make you look “try-hard” and unflavoured. I like going overboard, dramatic, but I still like to keep a sense of humor. Taking yourself too seriously is a big-big turn off.”

Which is a style advise everyone should note?

“Growing up in Romania I saw a lot of people being scared of dressing how they feel. This a story for another time though. In my humble opinion I think people should forget about what’s acceptable and what’s not, what is feminine or masculine, what is meant to be worn for what certain occasion. If you feel like dressing for a wedding when going out just for a coffee, go for it!”

Where do you usually shop? A not so popular brand that everyone should know about?

“There a so many to choose from! First of all, some of my favorite brands at the moment are Palomo Spain and Ader Error, but of course there are a plenty more – Ordinary People, Marine Serre, Skoot etc.”

How do you feel in someone else’s skin?

“Weird, to be honest. Swapping style with someone was way more personal than I expected. On the other hand, I liked it because it took me out of the “comfort” of my own imagination when it comes to putting outfits together. The idea itself is a sort of invasion of privacy – but in a good way!”

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