Style Swap Series with @bastioji (1)

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone if you want good things to happen.

In my opinion, putting yourself in someone else’s skin might be a really good idea when you feel out of inspiration. Usually, people refer to celebrities or favourite tv characters when they ask themselves “what would he/she do?”, but why do we think so little about the ones around us, like our friends?

In this case, the question would be just a little different. So, what would Basti wear?

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It’s ok to get inspired.
Inspiration is everywhere, whether you consciously see it or you’re passively crossing ways with it. We’re made up to instinctively absorb the information around us, even if we’re not realising it. Every idea that pops up in our mind might have been actually stimulated by an earlier happening from that day – a person that we interacted with or a really beautiful a view that we just saw.

What inspires me the most are actually my friends. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented human beings, that work or study in different disciplines. Most of us are students – medicine, architecture, computer science, art, theater, business or fashion students, but others already have found their place in this world as photographers, graphic designers, actors, engineers or whatever you can imagine.

Style Swap Series with @bastioji

Bastioji, or by his real name Sebastian Felix Topescu, is a styling student at Istituto Europeo di Design Milano, fashion editor at Modic Magazine and also one of that friends that inspires me a lot, simply with his everyday being. As we have known each other for a really long time, about 5-6 years, I have seen him trying different approaches, endeavouring into different looks and always beeing eclectic in his nature. After lots of thinking about how I could challange him in a way  that could be intriguing for both of us, I came up with this swap – wear my outfit better than I did!

This is the first part showing my styling on Basti. Down below you can find a short interview with Basti, my approach on his styling and the original outfit post on Basti’s instagram.

Check the second part where I styled Basti here.

Where did you wear this outfist first? Which was the occasion?

“If I remember right, I wore it to university on a normal day, no particular reason. There’s no complicated answear for this question – I just woke up with a desire to be the budget version of Jack Sparrow – haha!”

Which is the main focus piece of this outfit? Why do you think so?

“The main focus point are the accessories, especially the star necklace. Each of my outfits have some sort of iconography/symbols in them, either it is a star, a circle or something else. There is always that one symbol that relates to my current inspirations and passions. For example, one symbol that stayed a constant in my stylings is the circle, but as you can see (or actually you can’t) this time is not the case, so there’s no pattern when it comes to what inspires me at the moment.”

Where are these clothes from? How much this outfit costs?

“I have no idea what brand the blazer is or where is it from. What is certain is that I got it from a stylist after a job of modeling for an editorial. All the other pieces are either vintage or found in my house. I’m quite the hoarder. In my opinion, all the clothes that are either vintage or second hand are priceless. They have something that is very rare in the contemporary world, which is their unique style, fabric and tailoring. I never did the math on the outfits I wear, but honestly I don’t think this outfit is worth more than about 200-250 euros in total.”

How do you feel seeing me in your style?

“Weird to be honest! Swapping style with someone was way more personal than I expected. On the other hand. I really enjoyed it as it took me out of the “comfort” of my own imagination when it comes to putting outfits together. I couldn’t help myself and I added some of my accessories to “complete” the ouftit. The overall idea is a sort of invasion of privacy  – but in a good way.

What I find really funny is especially the fact that I have known you since we were 15, so I have witnessed your style changing throughout the years. I was glad to see you wearing something that is completely out of your comfort zone. A outfit that made you stand out. Hear me out now, if I could control your daily wear I would only dress you in clothes that will make you stand out, like in this outfit. You have no idea how good it fits you!”


Don’t forget to check out @bastioji on instagram. Photos by Maxim Popescu.

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