My favourite TV shows 2020

Here are my favourite newcomer or later TV shows that you can watch right now before everyone else does.

Since we are all supposed to stay inside these days, I was thinking that a good old school list of my favourite TV shows could help you find something new to watch. As I assume that you’ve already watched the classics (or maybe I’ll come back later with a list of the TV shows I think are definitely a must), I will leave you with some of my favourite recent TV shows that I have watched, so we can talk about them later!

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To get into the mind of a criminal is a challenging job, but once you find a way to break into his subconscious you’ll find overwhelming. This is not one of those soap operas that you can play in the background while doing other things, but a more complicated approach to your favourite FBI TV show, incorporating psychology, anthropology and sociology as a method to reveal the enigma.


Attack on Titan

Do you like anime? If the answer is yes, then probably you have already heard about this one. If not, then you should definitely give it a try! I find it really hard not to get engaged with the catchy storyline and the passionate main caracters that fight for their future. You’re actually never too old for an anime, and as you grow up you’ll find different points of view of the same tangled story.


Killing Eve

This was an unforseen surprise. I have heard about this TV show long time before I actually got the chance to watch it. To be honest, I was really curious about Sandra Oh’s leading role and that’s what swayed me into this show. As soon as I finished the first episode I was reassured that this was going to be one of my favourite TV shows ever.


Next in Fashion

After all, this is still a fashion and lifestyle blog, so here you are – the perfect designers competition hosted by your favourite hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung. This is a great conjunction of excitement and tension that will make you fall in love with the contestants, their designs and their personalities.


Russian Doll

How often does it happen to want that a party, thrown in your own honor, to be already over? Not very often, but when you’re stuck in a loop and can’t get out of it you get pretty desperate trying to find a solution. If you’re still hesitating, maybe the catchy tagline “Dying is Easy. It’s Living That’s Hard.” will lure you in.


Lost in Space

I started this TV show by mistake, thinking it was just a short movie to keep me distracted for one or two hours, but I actually ended up later a finishing 2 whole seasons. Even if the storyline is not that attractive – surviving after a crash-landing on an alien planet – you will shortly fall in love with the Robinson family and their intricate family relashionship.


Altered Carbon

Bloody (is it really organic after all? You’ll get this after you’ve watched the show) rebellious hot mess. A revolution will always make a good storyline. Even if an altered reality sounds promising, I really think that we should be happy that this one is only a TV show. What I love the most about this show is that you never know what is going to happen next and every season leaves you dying for more.



The last but not least, one of my all time favourite TV shows – UMBRE. How tough one’s life can be? When you are trying to swing between two very different worlds, the family life and the mafia business, things start to get a little complicated and threatening. But our main character, Relu, is a resourceful man, and even when his lies start to surface one by one he will find the middle ground or a way out.


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Let me know which TV show you think it’s a must in 2020! Leave a comment down bellow or send a DM on my instagram!

Which are your favourites?
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