My creative moment for today

Whether we’re at home relaxing all day or working, busy like a bee, all of us should find some moments in which we can get inspired!

In order to keep our lives toghether in the most struggling times, we need to keep doing what makes us happy. There’s no reason to bury ourselves in work or bad news, but what we can do is find at least one hobby or even a happy place to unhook] us from the daily struggles. This is the best time to start looking for your authentic self and ask the most difficult questions. Who is it you really are? You can only figure this out by yourself, and now is your best opportunity to find time for healing and cleaning all the negativity in your life.

Therefore, I will keep doing what helps me disconnect – and you should try it too. These being said, down below you can find my latest shooting and inspiration as I am happy to report to you as always my latest fashion finds.

Trends are just passing. Style is timeless.

Weeks before we all had to take a break from our strenuous daily schedule, I had the amazing opportunity to style for you some of my favourite pieces from the latest COS SS20 collection. Thus, I created two timeless looks that you can enjoy this spring, or actually any other season.

I love playing around with exquisite garments and nonchalant accessories. Mixing classic reinterpretations of my favourite pieces in unexpected combinations, while keeping things clean, is really my true aesthetic. Whether it’s about bold colours, eclectic prints or trending accessories, I love trying new stylings to surprise even myself. The beauty is about finding new favourites while crossing your comfort zone limits.

Check these COS outfits here.

Check these COS outfits here.