Last summer

Summer does make la vita bella.

As time goes by, it feels like we, humans, are not the only ones changing. The things around us, that we appraise as imperishable, are adjusting as well. Who would have thought that our cherished summer would leave so soon? While in highschool or even earlier on, summer felt endless, like the perfect getaway.

Now, what used to be a sweet dream has started to feel less like a holiday the more like a burden of foreseeing what’s coming ahead. Even if we’re not attending classes or taking exams, the genuine freedom that we once had has evanesced. All that is left is a reverberation of the good old days reminiscing the time when we were young and light-hearted, moments we can carry with us for the rest of the year. For me, that’s enough to make la vita bella regardless of time or if it’s actually summer, autumn, winter or spring.


Wearing Zara linen pants, ASOS t-shirt, Adidas sneakers