How’s the student life?

Short background story

In the summer of 2017 I had the admission exam for the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila from Bucharest and (spoiler) I passed it with 83 points out of 100. The exam consisted of 60 questions of biology and 40 of physics and it took about two hours. It wasn’t an easy path up to reach to that point given the fact that I had been studying for almost 2 years in order to prepare for this exam. I had a lot of exhausting nights, staying up late learning and reading the same book over and over again, but fortunately in the end it was all worth it.

Expectations and reality

To be honest, I was very scared to start university. One of the reasons why I felt this way was due to the fact that I was second guessing my choices. I have been taking into consideration this career since I was a little kid and I ended up not being able to imagine myself doing anything else. Nevertheless, during high school I discovered a lot of passions that I would have loved to do further in life, and this made it a lot harder to decide. How are we supposed to know what we want to do with our life at just 19 years old? Who knows what is best for us? In some cases you might end up not wanting to do anything at all, thinking that nothing fits you. I was trying to choose only one thing out of my many passions, yet the idea of not choosing the right path slowly made me feel insecure.

Besides all of that, the journey of preparing to get into the medical school isn’t easy, and all the stress and the pressure of the exam sometimes are unbearable. One month before the exam I was trying to convince myself that it is not the end of the world if I don’t get into uni this year, and I became so prepared for failure that I ended up not knowing which setting was more appealing: to get into university or to have a gap year.

After all the work I’ve done and after a few hours of impatiently waiting for the results, I was truly happy when I found myself accepted at the university, but I quickly pushed away all the thoughts about this subject. It was the end of July and from that point on I was able to start my summer and live the good life again, with travelling plans and a lot of parties, to make me forget that on the 1st of October I will have to start my student life.

I believe that this strategy worked pretty well, cause I haven’t even made it to the first day of university.

University is really different from high school and I bet that you’ve heard this many times before. We already have a lot to study, but it’s bearable. It’s a more individual work and a lot of new information to take in, but on the other hand you have more freedom, you are less stressed during the year and the most important thing is that you have the chance to do something that you really love. It’s not that I hated high school, because I am devoted to the school and to those few passionate teachers, it’s about the school subjects that I despised. My new professors are kinder, they seem more humane and besides their teaching jobs they are real doctors, applying in their practice what they give lessons in. They are sincerely inspirational.

The first days were extremely exhausting. Even if it was 2 pm or 9 pm I would have gone straight for a nap, and only after the first 2-3 weeks I managed to accommodate to my new schedule. I spend a lot of hours at university, more than I did in high school, but I know that I am going to survive through everything.

I’m slowly getting used to this new chapter of my life, but I think that the final word must be saved for after the exams.

I hope that everything will be fine until then and that the thoughts from February will not be much different.


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