Autumn/Winter by TEX

You don’t need to spend a lot to look great and stay warm this winter.

Comfort doesn’t only come from the fabrics or the style of the clothes you choose, it also comes from the price you pay for what you get. I believe that one of the best things that the 21st century brought is the diversity in every single aspect of our lives, and this time it’s about the different stores you could choose from, depending on what you actually need and fits your identity as a person. You don’t need to follow what others do if it doesn’t bring you joy, just because that’s supposedly trending at the moment.

Some of us might feel the need to keep track on everything that is happening or that is new, but most of us don’t have this desire (and in many cases that includes myself too). Therefore, we want to feel comfortable, both physically and financially, buying things for a fair ratio between value and cost, but still to look best no matter what. After all, at the end of the day you have to hold on to your own style – find whatever makes you happy and feels like yourself. When there’s something to like or that matches your style, you’ll definitely feel it instantly, no matter where it is from or which is the price. I’m here just to remind you that you have so many options to choose from when it comes to comfortable outfits, that don’t need to break the bank or give up on the quality.

You know I can’t say no to a good styling challenge, especially when there’s a point to be proven. If you didn’t know already, TEX is the brand found in every Carrefour hipermarket, in store or even online, and today I have the opportunity to show you how I would style their pieces into my everyday looks.

You can shop the collection here.

1st LOOK

2nd LOOK

3rd LOOK



Photos by my dear friend Cristiana Nuță